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The Design Network

What is the Design Network?

  • The Design network was formed in 2004
  • A collective response from a group of design and construction organisations to help them improve their processes and people to comply with the requirements of CDM
  • The Network group has set its focus on two areas:
    • Understanding how we assess our designer competence and look for opportunities to improve
    • Collecting and communicating design best practice which can reduce hazards on site and helps the construction team work effectively

What are the benefits of the Design Network?

  • A demonstration to Clients and the HSE alike that the company and its people are taking their CDM responsibilities seriously
  • Helping to protect a company’s licence to operate
  • Helping to demonstrate to Clients continuous improvement, design innovation and learning is pro-actively supported
  • Potential design quality and productivity improvements resulting from the use of design which has demonstrably delivered benefit
  • Improved understanding of designer competence issues leading to improved
  • Recruitment practice & employee personal development

How does the Design Network function?

  • The Design Network meets four times a year
  • The Design Network is made up of the lead designers or design manager for each of the member companies
  • The Design Network members have a responsibility to contribute to the network but also ensure that they communicate the data from the Network to the designers in their organisation
  • The Design Network members contribute in separate meetings to sub-groups working in specific improvement areas sharing their progress and requesting support at the Network meetings
  • A steering group made up of company directors meets twice a year to review progress and ensure that there is sufficient resources and company support being made available


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